Allison Maria Rodriquez

Allison Maria Rodriquez is a first-generation Cuban-American interdisciplinary artist that works predominantly in video installation and new media. Allison has always felt a deep kinship with the natural world, which has lead her to focus extensively on climate change and species extinction in her work. Allison is interested in the interconnectivity between humans and other species, and the beautiful and innate systems of existence that we tend to neglect. Both Allison’s life and work has forced her to recognize the limitations of conventional language in expressing lived experience. Because language is power, there are many experiences confined to the unspoken. Allison uses art to communicate beyond language, in a way that opens up an experiential space, a space of possibility, for the viewer to explore alternate ways of connecting to the emotional realities of others.

Allison will showcase video installations at PRISM:

  • “In the Presence of Absence” excerpts, 2017-2018
  • “Legends Breathe – Water Mythologies” 2018

Maya Erdelyi

Maya Erdelyi is a Boston and LA-based award-winning animator/designer and director. She creates intricate hand-made animations and collages inspired by imaginary worlds, memories and the unconscious. Maya’s animations utilize a hybrid approach to cut-paper stop-motion, puppetry, hand-drawn, digital animation and installation. Her work has been shown in national and international film festivals, galleries and museums. She is a recipient of the 2017 Brother Thomas Fellowship Award and the 2017 Massachusetts Cultural Council Fellowship in Film, and was an artist-in-residence at the Boston Center for the Arts.

Maya will showcase animations at PRISM:

  • Cannonball Blues 2010
  • Plume 2011
  • Phosphena 2010
  • “ハネムーンHanemun Honeymoon” (2017)

Ally Schmaling

  • Photo activation: Portrait photographer Ally Schmaling will create an interactive portrait experience for guests of the event using methods of light trails and double exposure, mirroring the aesthetic vision of the event’s theme. These images will be available to guests for digital download in a secure online gallery featuring all images made during the evening.
  • Installation: Ally Schmaling will also build a projected installation piece using images that demonstrate these techniques and add aesthetic activation to the area.


Chanel Thompson is the CEO and Founder of PerformanceBuild. Chanel is creatively directing artists, talent, and young achievers to move creatively with encouragement, and excitement using dance fitness. PerformanceBuild will have pop-up performances at PRISM to inspire the audience to join. The pop-up performances showcase the skill sets of Oliver, Henry, Makeda, Amia, Juanita, Bishop, and Chanel – highlighting dances of the hip hop culture to classic soul, funk, drum and base sounds with fresh new creative 90’s movement to current hits! The PerformanceBuild dancers performing at PRISM:

  • Henry: bboy breaking and locking
  • Oliver: Hip Hop and commercial dance
  • Juanita: Ballet, Jazz Funk and Hip Hop
  • Amia: Hip Hop, Vogue/ Whacking and new wave commercial dance
  • Bishop: Krump, Hip Hop and commercial dance
  • Makeda: Contemporary, Hip Hop, Krump and commercial dance
  • Chanel: Hip Hop/Vogue and commercial dance

Work of Art/Piece of Work

A live studio shoot taking place simultaneously across multiple sets and backdrops within PRISM, Work of Art/Piece of Work transforms fashion photography into a performance and spectator sport. The project serves as a platform to showcase the creativity of designers, stylists, hair & make-up artists, models, and photographers working today in Boston.

The Look: “Color Blocking”

First emerging in the 1960’s, this “revolutionary aesthetic” combines solid color blocks on opposite sides of the color wheel resulting in a vibrant yet structured look. Favored by the the Mods in London and revived again in the 70’s and 80s, “mismatching” solid colors is the bold, retro style of this year’s PRISM.

  • Organized by: Girl Magic Meets, s.DeSilva, and Home Grown Boston
  • Sponsored by: Garden Remedies, Inc
  • Fashion Lounge and Wrap Party Hosted by: W Hotel Boston
  • Camera Equipment Courtesy of: Leica Gallery Boston, Leica Store Boston
  • Lighting and Production Equipment Courtesy of: High Output, Inc
  • Hair & Makeup Talent: MLR Artist Management
  • Promotion and Video Documentation: Mind.Boston
  • Produced in Association with: Fashion Group International